First Aid Training

St John Ambulance Bermuda provides First Aid and CPR training to members of the public as well as to the corporate community. Whether it’s for workplace or individual needs, we provide certified training that enables you to be a difference in the community. Our courses provide comprehensive knowledge and hands on skills training that can help in an emergency situation at work, home or play – we teach life-saving skills! First aid is a simple skill that has an amazing impact. Everyone should have the chance to learn it.

By choosing St John Ambulance, you are supporting a charitable organization and truly investing in our community. All of the profits from our courses are used to support our work within the community.

Due to Covid-19, instructor led courses have been suspended. We are currently offering blended learning only – students watch the course material online and complete a short quiz at the end of each module. Once completed,  students will schedule an (individual) in person skills day to finesse their newly learned first aid skills. Face masks are required to participate and physical distancing must be adhered to.

If you are interested in becoming First Aid and CPR certified with St John Ambulance Bermuda, simply contact and a member of our Training Department will be in touch to discuss your options. 



Our Courses

We offer a variety of training programs that can be tailored to your needs. All courses cover medical conditions (asthma, anaphylaxis, diabetes, heart attack, stroke and seizures) and severe bleeding. 

Adult Only CPR

This course teaches the skills required for adult resuscitation only, which includes One Rescuer CPR, and choking maneuvers for adults. Automated External Defibrillation (AED) is also included as a part of this class. This is an ideal starter course.

Adult, Child + Infant CPR

The most comprehensive level of training available, this course provides all the skills required for Adult, Child, and Infant Resuscitation; including One and Two Rescuer CPR, use of the Automated External Defibrillator (AED), First Aid for Choking, and proper use of barrier devices.

BLS Basic Life Support (HCP)

The Basic Life Support CPR program is an advanced level CPR course, which includes Artificial Respiration and CPR for all ages. Students practice the use of a Bag Valve Mask as well as an AED. This program is designed for health care providers as well as students attending medical courses.

Emergency First Aid

This course teaches the skills needed to recognize and administer first aid in emergency situations such as severe bleeding, diabetes, heart attack, asthma, anaphylaxis, stroke and seizures. 

Pet First Aid - Coming Soon!

This course is perfect for pet owners who want to be prepared to keep their furry friend safe and healthy. Good first aid knowledge can help save your pet’s life, reduce the potential for increased injury and promote fast recovery.

Learn life saving skills today!