BPBA Donates To St John

BPBA Donates To St John

Monetary Gifts / Payments

St. John Ambulance relies totally on the generosity of the community. We will utilize monetary gifts efficiently and effectively.

Should you wish to make a donation, please contact us at 236 7831 or email info@sjabermuda.org.

Please Mail to:
P.O. Box DV575
Devonshire DVBX

Cash / Credit Cards
Please stop by our office at:
Dunrossil House, 21 Point Finger Road
Paget, Bermuda

Credit / Dedit Card, Master or Visa

Direct Deposit Online Payments
Beneficiary: St John Ambulance
Account # 010-316339-001
Swift Code: BBDABMHM
Please send details to info@sjabermuda.org once your transaction has been completed.

CPR & First Aid Classes ONLY
Account # 010-316339-011
Please send details to training@sjabermuda.org

Please indicate type of donation :  Annual Appeal, Special project, Training, An Event Organizer, General, In Memory of, etc.