BPBA Donates To St John

BPBA Donates To St John Ambulance


St. John Ambulance relies entirely on the generosity of the community in order to operate. We will utilize monetary gifts efficiently and effectively.

Should you wish to make a donation, please contact us at 236-7831 or email info@sjabermuda.org.

Please Mail to:
P.O. Box DV575
Devonshire DVBX

Cash / Credit Cards
Please stop by our office at:
Dunrossil House, 21 Point Finger Road
Paget, Bermuda

Credit / Dedit Card, Master or Visa

Direct Deposit Online Payments
Beneficiary: St John Ambulance
Account # 010-316339-001
Swift Code: BBDABMHM
Please send details to info@sjabermuda.org once your transaction has been completed.

CPR & First Aid Classes ONLY
Account # 010-316339-011
Please send details to training@sjabermuda.org

Please indicate type of donation :  Annual Appeal, Special project, Training, An Event Organizer, General, In Memory of, etc.