For the Faith and in the Service of Humanity

St. John is a non-profit organization that relies on volunteer support and donations from the community to operate. Although St. John is in 40 countries worldwide, each branch is independent and self-supporting.

We provide valuable medical instruction to the public, and also provide an ambulance service designed to cover public events. We attend over 250 events annually such as May 24th Marathon and Parade, Cup Match, Powerboat and Motocross races, and much more.

People who are involved with the Association can advance up the ladder of rank, even as far as Commissioner if they so choose.

How Do We Raise Funds?

95% of the Associations Budget is raised from the community. As a consequence, we must be very stringent in the purchase of supplies and equipment.

We encourage our volunteers as well as our Board members to be actively involved in Fundraising such as tag days.

Donations are also requested from corporations.

St. John Ambulance requires a donation to secure thier attendance at community or sporting events.

St. John Ambulance also has an annual Tag Days.